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Description: Permanent Post 5 days per week, commencing August 2021 

Responsible to: Head of Science and the Vice Principal 

Closing Date: Noon on Wednesday 24 February 2021 

We are looking for a Teacher 

1. To contribute to the teaching of Science at KS3. 

2. To contribute to the teaching of Chemistry at KS4. 

3. To contribute to the teaching of A Level Chemistry or Applied Science (Chemistry). 

4. To enthuse and motivate students to excel in Science. 

5. To make a positive contribution to the promotion and development of STEM throughout the school. 

6. To promote STEM links with feeder primary schools. 

7. To attend departmental meetings. 

8. To monitor and evaluate curriculum innovation and delivery. 

9. To assess and monitor student performance and progress. 

10. To prepare pupils for internal and external examinations. 

11. To act as a form teacher with associated pastoral care duties, if applicable. 

12. To contribute to/participate in extra-curricular activities. 

13. To undertake supervisory duties, rotas and other duties as required by the Principal. 

14. To promote the integrated ethos in the day to day work of the College. 

Teaching & Learning 

1. To implement a child centred approach to teaching and learning. 

2. To manage pupil learning through effective teaching in accordance with the Curriculum Area’s schemes of work and policies. 

3. To ensure continuity, progression and cohesiveness in all teaching through effective planning. 

4. To use a variety of teaching methods and approaches to match curricular objectives and the range of pupil needs. 

5. To ensure an equal opportunity for all pupils to succeed through the use of differentiation and Assessment for Learning in an all ability setting. 

6. To set and mark homework regularly, in accordance with the Department homework policy. 

7. To use the positive management of behaviour in an environment of mutual respect which allows pupils to feel safe and secure and promotes their self-esteem. 

Monitoring, Assessment, Recording, Reporting, and Accountability 

1. To be responsible for the processes of identification, assessment, recording and reporting for the pupils in their charge. 

2. To assess pupils’ work systematically and use the results to inform future planning and teaching. 

3. To be familiar with Science statutory assessment and reporting procedures and to prepare and present informative, helpful and accurate reports to parents. 

4. To attend Parents Consultation Evenings, as required. 

5. To keep an accurate register of pupils for each lesson. 

6. To undertake any reasonable task as directed by the Subject Team Leader. 

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