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The Curriculum delivered in New-Bridge Integrated College centres on the development and progression of skills and knowledge as well as the values and attitudes of our learners. Outstanding Learning is at the heart of our delivery and this informs the planning and practice of all lessons in New-Bridge Integrated College

Curriculum Aims:

  • To provide a wide variety of learning experiences in which our students can connect their learning and in doing so, experience a more relevant, coherent and engaging curriculum;  
  • To develop our students’ thinking skills and personal capabilities through a wide range of classroom based and enrichment activities which challenge, motivate and engage; 
  • To improve our students’ skills and performance in Numeracy, Literacy and ICT across the curriculum;  
  • To develop a ‘Growth Mindset’ model of assessment practice which engineers success through links to achievement, attitude, effort and home learning and acknowledges that although learners may not all succeed at the same point, with structured supportive strategies, they can improve and develop as self-reliant and resilient learners. We are persistent in this and believe that students can and will do better with specific subject supportive mechanisms in place and provision of positive and meaningful feedback;  
  • To strive to develop positive relationships in our classrooms as evidenced in our strong focus on behaviour for learning ;  
  • To take risks for learning in our classrooms (teacher and pupil) and know through our aspiration and vision that the learner of the future must be flexible, adaptive and collaborative and  
  • To encourage self-belief in our learners through our optimistic and enthusiastic approach to their progress. 

Art & Design

Mrs E. McKeown Head of Department

Mrs D. Clarke

Mr J. Mullan Technician

Business Studies

Mrs M Wing

Construction & The Built Environment

Mr S Clarke Head of Department

Mr S Kelly

Mr J Cromwell Technician


Mrs M Warnock Head of Department

Mrs D Manson


Mrs L McDowell Head of Department

Mrs S McGee Literacy Co-Ordinator

Mrs D Mathers

Mrs K Cordner

Ms. L.A Phillips

Mrs M Warnock

Mrs D Manson

Mrs J Ward  – School Librarian


Mrs C. McIvor Head of Department

Mrs Cumiskey

Home Economics

Ms D McSorley Head of Department

Ms R Jenkinson

Mrs D Reilly/ Miss J Baird

Miss N Toman – Technician


Ms S Harrison Head of Department

Ms S Irvine

Mrs C McIvor

ICT & Creative Media

Mr A McGee  Head of Department

Mrs M McMahon

Mrs C Kelly

Mr J Doyle  ICT Support Manager

Languages – Spanish

Mrs A O’Loughlin Head of Department

Ms G Byrne

Learning for Life and Work LLW

Form Tutors – Employability Personal Development and Citizenship

Mrs M McMahon – Head of Careers


Mrs M Tennyson Head of Department

Miss J Baird

Mrs C Cuffey

Mrs L McKinstry

Mrs B Mone


Mrs T McLean Head of Department

Peripatetic staff- Mr W McLean, Mr S Dolan, Mrs J Graham, Mrs I Mathers, Mr J Abernethy, Mrs L Parton, Ms R Keegan, Mr J Hagan & Ms A McAlinden

Physical Education

Mr K Walker Head of Department

Mrs M Wright

Mrs Gordon

Miss McKenna

Mr J McGlade

Miss A Brown

Religious Education

Mrs C. Harrison Head of Department Junior School

Ms L.A Phillips Head of Department Senior School

Miss S. Chadwick

Miss S. Irvine

Ms G. Byrne


Mrs O Byrne Head of Department

Mr A Edgar

Mrs A McCully

Mrs D Morgan

Mr N Begley

Mr G Thompson

Mr G McParland Technician

Technology & Design

Mr Clarke Head of Department

Mr Kelly

Mr Cromwell Technician

Uniformed Protective Services

Miss McIntyre

Miss Irvine

Miss McKenna

Mr McGlade

Mrs McIvor