School Day

9.00 – 9.20: Registration

9.20 – 10.10: Period 1

10.10 – 11.00: Period 2

11.00 – 11.20: Break

11.20 – 12.10: Period 3

12.10 – 12.55: Period 4 (Early Lunch 45 mins)

12.55 – 1.40: Period 5 (Late Lunch 45 mins)

1.40 – 2.30: Period 6

2.30 – 3.20: Period 7

Year 8 Virtual Tour

Pupil Experiences 

👩My name is Aine Feerick Quinn and I am a past pupil of Bridge Integrated Primary school in Banbridge. When I visited New-Bridge’s Art department I was absolutely awestruck and I wanted to be part of it! I have loved my first year so far! I really enjoy all of my subjects but especially Art, English, P.E., R.E and Music. The after school clubs are also excellent and I of course attend Art club, but also Warhammer club and Media Club where I have met many new friends. I would encourage you to join our school and you could be part of it too! 

👦My name is James Mc Sherry and I am past pupil of St Francis Primary School, Aghaderg. I have enjoyed my first year in New-Bridge so far and have really enjoyed getting to know everything about my new school. I visited the school open days in primary 6 and primary 7 as my older brother also attends the school and he had told me I would really like it here. I love sport and I enjoy P.E. and particularly Gaelic and athletics. The Gaelic club after school each week has also been a great way to meet new people so I would recommend this to other students. 

👧My Name is Kendall Walker and I came to New-Bridge from Scarva Primary School. I knew I wanted to come to our school as my brother already attends New-Bridge and also because so many people had said positive things about the school. I really like how everyone learns together in our school and integrated education is very important to me. All of  the teachers and pupils have been so welcoming and kind. My favourite subject is Technology and Design; I have loved learning how to use the tools to craft my ideas. I attend netball after school and it is such great fun with my friends.

👦My Name is Elijah King and I am a past pupil of St Mary’s Primary School, Dechomet, and I am now in Year 8 in New-Bridge. I have really enjoyed my first term and got involved in as many activities as I could. I particularly love English as I find this subject so interesting and the teachers are so good. I have made lots of new friends since joining our school and am on the school football team which has also allowed me to make more new friends. New-Bridge has something to offer all students and I would recommend my school to anyone!

Who I can speak to if something is worrying me

  • My Form Tutor
  • My Year Co-ordinator
  • My class teacher
  • My key adult
  • My Care and Welfare Tutor
  • School Counsellor
  • Vice Principal (Designate Child Protection)
  • Principal

Student Google Classroom Codes

Tracking Assessment Dates