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Head Girl Reflection

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our school. My name is Molly Hoey, and I am very proud to be part of the New-Bridge family, but also to hold the position of Head Girl of our school.

My journey at New-Bridge started in 2017, having previously attended Bridge Integrated Primary school. I can wholeheartedly say that New-Bridge has positively shaped me into the confident, articulate and conscientious student I am today. I believe it is now time for me to give back to our school all of the kindness and warmth shown to me from the beginning of my New-Bridge journey.

I currently study A-level Religious Studies, Health & Social Care and Sport Studies and I hope to move onto Queens University, Belfast in September to study BSc Social Work.  I have watched how the strong relationships between teachers and pupils are developed in our school. For me, it is one of the main reasons that I want to become a social worker and also one of the main reasons why our pupils thrive and develop during their time here. Pupils are never afraid to ask for support and I know that had I gone to any other school, I would not have received the same guidance I have received here in New-Bridge. Each student has an extremely strong and positive relationship with their teachers through our studies and outside of the classroom through our extra-curricular clubs.

Success in our school is also about the wider opportunities which we are offered whether that is through our pupil council, peer mentoring, prefect and anti-bullying ambassadors. Pupils are encouraged to get involved in all the opportunities offered to them and as a sixth form student who works closely with younger students, I can say that mentoring others is a such an important strength of our school and has taught me about the importance of empathy and compassion as I prepare to leave school.

For me, these opportunities for everyone are summarised best through our school motto and the message behind it. We are “The school for all the family” Not only does our motto promote the warmth and positivity of our school atmosphere, but it also highlights our thriving integrated ethos and how success is celebrated in our school for all pupils of abilities.

I am proud to be a New-Bridge student and look forward to welcoming new pupils to our school every year.


Head Boy Reflection

Hello everyone, my name is Tom Caughey, and I am privileged to be Head Boy of New-Bridge Integrated College. I joined the school as a Year 8 pupil in 2017 and I can say with full confidence that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made; our school has provided me with so many valuable skills- I have been taught how to lead, how to motivate others and how to communicate effectively and I know these skills will stay with me when I go to university and beyond.

I am currently studying Physics, ICT and Psychology at A-Level and In September I will be pursuing Engineering at University. I know that my school experience to date has prepared me well for this. Teachers here work hard to make sure that every student in their class achieves their own personal best and my success so far has been due to the great teachers I have been lucky enough to have in New-Bridge.

Throughout my time here I have been able to take part in academic programmes outside of my normal classes such as, The Brilliant Club which allowed me to work with PHD student from Queen’s University Belfast and provided me with a great insight into university life and tutorial style learning. I am also a mental health ambassador and work closely with pupils in our school; helping them learn about the importance and promotion of strong mental wealth.

Another positive aspect of the school that I believe sets it apart from others is the focus our teachers have on pastoral care. I remember how daunting it was joining the school as a new year eight student. However, all of the worries I had were quickly put to rest as I realised how well looked after I would be and I know many other pupils at the school would agree that New-Bridge does the absolute best for its pupils to make sure that all students are given every chance to succeed because they know they are cared for here. It is also the peer-to-peer support offered to students in our school which really does help students to connect and learn. For example, our senior prefects work hard with younger students completing GCSEs through our peer mentoring programme and you will often see students from different year groups working together through our mentoring programmes which really benefits all pupils involved in that.

As Head Boy I would like to finish by saying that I continue to do my absolute best to make sure that all younger pupils can enjoy and benefit from the positive atmosphere that I have felt during my time at this school. I have a younger brother Euan in Year 8 and he is enjoying New-Bridge as much as I have and I know he will have the same opportunities to succeed that I have had.

I hope you choose New-Bridge!


Deputy Head Girl for Junior School

Hello. My name is Lucy McClimonds, and I am the Deputy Head Girl of Junior School at New-Bridge Integrated College. I am delighted to have been appointed this role and I am currently studying A-Level Biology, Chemistry and Drama and I am thoroughly enjoying my time as a sixth form student.

When my journey at New-Bridge commenced in 2017, I was an incredibly shy student and I had limited faith in myself. However, I have been provided with many opportunities and this has enabled me to grow in confidence and achieve new skills. I am eternally grateful to my teachers and everyone who has given me support and guidance over the years. It has truly helped me to become the person that I am today.

My years at New-Bridge have been very special. It fills me with joy that I am able to attend each day and that I am in integrated education. There is always an upbeat and friendly atmosphere here at New-Bridge. It is a privilege and an honour to represent our school, where young people from various different backgrounds are brought together. This promotes our inclusive environment and highlights our school motto, ‘The School for all the Family.’

I am so lucky to be a part of this wonderful school. My key aim as Deputy Head Girl for Junior school is to navigate young pupils in the right direction and encourage them to always try their best – no matter what obstacles they may encounter. With the correct attitude and persistence, you will go far.


Deputy Head Boy for Junior School

Hello, my name is Jack Barker and I am the deputy head boy for junior school. I joined New-Bridge coming from St Francis Primary school. I have really enjoyed my six years so far at New-Bridge, especially the sixth form experience. I have had the opportunity to take part in many experiences throughout my time in Year 13. From taking part in a mentoring programme with year 8 and as well as attending the PWC career launch work experience over the summer has really benefited me in choosing my future.

I am currently studying Physics, RE and ICT for A level. I have enjoyed studying these subjects in Year 13 and I look forward to further learning in Year 14. I hope to go to Ulster University to complete a degree in Accounting or Business management with PWC. I can not wait until I am settled into my new role as deputy head boy and am looking forward to working with the senior prefect team.


Deputy Head Girl for Senior School

My name is Hannah-Rose Grady and I am the deputy head girl of senior school at New-Bridge Integrated College. At present I am studying English Literature, Religion and Btec Sport Studies. I am so grateful to have been afforded the oppprtunity to represent the College not only to the public but to the pupils and staff within also.

I began my New-Bridge journey in the September of 2017 and in September of 2023 as I begjn my final year I can look back fondly and be thankful for how my experiences have shaped me into the person I am today. The opportunities which I have been afforded not only through sixth form but throughout all of my years at New-Bridge are invaluable and could not be found at any other school.


Deputy Head Boy for Senior School

Hello, my name is Sam Moore and I am a deputy head boy for New-Bridge. I am currently studying English, Biology and BTEC Level 3 Creative Media. I found my first year of sixth form to be a fast-paced and exciting one, with many fantastic opportunities offered to me. One of these was the opportunity to be a member of the senior prefect team, where I am now one of this year’s deputy heads, and thoroughly enjoying the rewarding experience of my new role.

I have only been able to reach this position through the support and encouragement of the fantastic teachers and staff at New-Bridge, who have guided me through my secondary school journey with patience and care, helping me to become a confident and dedicated student. I wanted to become a deputy head to act as a role model and mentor for younger students, and I aim to instill the same drive and passion for education that I have developed thanks to the teachers and older students here. Watching the senior prefects of previous years inspired and motivated me to improve the life of the college as they have.

I hope to put my passion for music and production to use by studying Music and Audio Production at Queen’s next year. I will be able to pursue my passion at this level because of the warm, friendly and encouraging environment that sixth form has been for me, encouraging me to work hard and aim high. I’m sure that the sixth form experience will be just as rewarding and enjoyable for you!


Enrichment Programme

The Sixth Form Enrichment Programme in New-Bridge Integrated College is designed to add breath to the examined post 16 Curriculum and provide opportunities which extend beyond the classroom.

Our programme consists of a wide range of additional courses which seek to enrich our students’ Sixth Form experience and provide them with the wider skills required for the world of work and indeed wider life. The courses range from The Duke of Edinburgh Award, Young Enterprise Company Programme, Mental Health Ambassadors Programme, as well as fitness and art and craft courses.

Leavers Destinations – Universities

In New-Bridge ,we provide high quality careers, education, information, advice and guidance. Our pupils have a very good understanding of the world of work and of the education, training and employment opportunities that are available locally and regionally. Our range of career learning activities are well integrated into the curricular provision in our College and meet very effectively the needs of our pupils.