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Head Girl Reflections

Sixth form at New-Bridge Integrated College is unique and unlike no other in my opinion. Despite the challenges Covid has brought I have enjoyed my time in Sixth Form.

Being a sixth form student has provided me with various opportunities over the past two years while studying my A-Levels. Last year I got to take part in Habitat for Humanity where we paired up with Our Lady’s Grammar School in Newry and we worked together to raise money to help improve the lives of others. I got to meet new people and form friendships that I still hold to this day.

Through Sixth Form I play a key role in mentoring year 8 students, providing support, guidance and being a friendly face to them. I am very proud to hold the title of Head Girl; a role that has not only made me a leader for younger students to look up to, but a role that I am extremely grateful for and I will hold on to for years to come.  Choose New-Bridge for Sixth Form to spend your next 2 years as you will be made feel very welcome.


Head Girl Ellis Taylor

Head Boy Reflections

Sixth form at New-Bridge Integrated College is a truly amazing experience. The variety of subjects available here at the college are second to none. I am studying Business Studies, Physics and Maths and hope to Study Economics at Queens University September 2021.

I have been offered so many opportunities during my time at New-Bridge from meeting Prince Charles and Michael D. Higgins at Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation in Co Wicklow; to running a business with Young Enterprise Team and travelling to different areas to attend many fairs, to representing my school as an Anti-Bullying Ambassador and mentoring the year 8 students.

Sixth form has also given me the opportunity to develop my social, leadership and communication skills through the roles of Head Boy and leading the senior prefect team.  If you decide to join our Sixth Form, you will not only be able to study your specialised subjects but also to experience the wider enrichment programme our school has to offer.  Hope you decide to join us.


Deputy Head Girl Reflections

Hi, my name is Lucy Knox and I am the Deputy Head Girl for 2020/2021. I am so delighted to be a part of New-Bridge’s history during our special 25th Anniversary Year and feel privileged to be able to work alongside Mrs Anderson, our Principal and Mr Clarke, our Year Co-ordinator. I have always full involved myself in school life by taking part in events such as the Young Enterprise Programme, to other tasks such as mentoring, and helping out with lunch duties and I have loved every minute of it!

The school has created so many extraordinary memories for me and each day I looked forward to coming to school and being able to help peers or any other students in any way I can, to make their time here at New-Bridge as enjoyable as mine has been.  I am currently studying English Literature, Drama and Creative Media. Currently, English is my favourite as I am reading The Picture of Dorian Gray as I have a fascination for Gothic Literature. I am hoping to study Multimedia at University of Ulster from September 21.

Throughout my years at New-Bridge the support and help that has been offered to us all has been outstanding as they were always there for us if we felt stressed or even if we just needed a bit of help when it came to a certain subject. Each teacher within New-Bridge is extremely kind and considerate and always makes sure that you are performing to the best of your ability and always have your best interests at heart. Overall, I have had the best time of my life here at Newbridge as I have made friendships that will last forever and gained important skills for not only the workplace but also for my own personal development.

They have shaped me into the person I have become today and I am proud to say that I am a student of Newbridge Integrated College. If you decide to join our Sixth Form, you will be made feel so welcome.


Deputy Head Boy Reflections

I have really enjoyed all that sixth form has had to offer so far. I am Deputy Head Boy and I study History, Drama and ICT; I am hoping to progress to University to study……  During Year 13, I signed up for Duke of Edinburgh as I wanted to get involved in something active from our Enrichment Programme, but sadly due to Covid I was unable to complete my course; we did manage to take part in a few practise walks which I thoroughly enjoyed, as it developed good teamwork skills.

The study hall offers a calm and relaxed atmosphere where we can revise and complete school work under the supervision of the lovely Mrs McCamley, our Sixth Form Supervisor. All in all the sixth form experience here in New Bridge is very enjoyable and the various activities help to ease the stresses of completing your A Levels.  If you decide to join Sixth Form at New-Bridge, you would be made feel very welcome as our staff and pupils are very friendly.  Good Luck.


Enrichment Programme

The Sixth Form Enrichment Programme in New-Bridge Integrated College is designed to add breath to the examined post 16 Curriculum and provide opportunities which extend beyond the classroom.

Our programme consists of a wide range of additional courses which seek to enrich our students’ Sixth Form experience and provide them with the wider skills required for the world of work and indeed wider life. The courses range from The Duke of Edinburgh Award, Young Enterprise Company Programme, Mental Health Ambassadors Programme, as well as fitness and art and craft courses.

Leavers Destinations – Universities

In New-Bridge ,we provide high quality careers, education, information, advice and guidance. Our pupils have a very good understanding of the world of work and of the education, training and employment opportunities that are available locally and regionally. Our range of career learning activities are well integrated into the curricular provision in our College and meet very effectively the needs of our pupils.