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Head Girl Reflection

Although it was always my dream, I never believed that I would have the opportunity to be Head Girl in my senior year of New-Bridge. I just feel so grateful for everything New-Bridge has given me. 

I am currently studying A-Level English Literature, Drama and Art and despite the challenges of lockdown I have loved my sixth form experience so far. Next year I hope to move on, to the University of Cambridge, to study Drama and English Literature, but I also haven’t ruled out studying Law in Queens University Belfast.  

I believe what makes our school stand out from any other school, is the incredible relationships that the teachers have with the students and the support we all receive from them. Our sixth form will do everything we can to provide additional support to all students, who will experience first-hand what it is like to be a member of the New-Bridge family. My younger brother James also attends our school and I know that he too has loved his time in our school so far, very much in keeping with the ‘school for all the family’ ethos. 

I am very proud to say that I have been in Integrated Education my whole life, as I am a past pupil of Bridge Integrated Primary School. I truly believe that being in Integrated Education has shaped me as a person and has shaped my outlook on life as a whole. I know I am tolerant, inclusive and appreciate diversity because of my Integrated Education experience and I also know that this will further support me in my chosen career path when I move into the world of work. Students at New-Bridge develop these skills and soon realise how special our school is, in preparing us for the future. 


Head Boy Reflection

I am very privileged to be your Head Boy for the next academic year at New-Bridge Integrated College. As Head Boy, I am excited to take on new responsibilities, one duty being working closely with Year 8 students and ensuring that they are settling in and are happy in school. I am currently studying A Levels in English Literature, maths, drama, and history and I am hoping to study psychology or law at The University of Oxford next year.

My time at New-Bridge has shaped me into a resilient and diligent person inside and outside of college life. The fantastic teacher-student relationships and the teaching they provide has given me the ambition to take every opportunity given to me, such as becoming a member of the Anti-Bullying Team, involving myself wholeheartedly in the music and drama department, and most recently participating in an online event hosted by the University of Oxford. As the last of three siblings in New-Bridge I have seen past pupils have tremendous success in both university and alternative courses after their experience in New-Bridge.

Along with our Head Girl and Deputy Head boy and Girl, I am also proud to have been in integrated education from primary school. In New-Bridge, there is no doubt that everyone has an opportunity to express their individual talents and skills. The wide range of subject choices will ensure you are provided the skills necessary to progress to the next stage of your life.


Deputy Head Girl Reflection

Hello, my name is Lucy O’Neill, and I am the deputy head girl for 2021/2022. I study drama, health and social care and psychology. I have enjoyed every second of my sixth form experience so far. The unique atmosphere in sixth form, means I have study periods to complete my work and studies in a friendly and focused area with support from Mrs McCamley when needed. The enrichment periods in sixth form have also allowed me to meet extraordinary people like Eamonn Mallie and learn skills such as mentoring young people and relaxation methods.

I am very excited to be working alongside the head and deputy head teacher, my sixth form co-ordinator, and the prefect and senior prefect team to maintain our school’s outstanding integrated environment. The school has given me the opportunity to develop my communication skills when involved with events such as open days, become more dedicated to my studies, and have respect for all my peers. The drama department in New-Bridge is second to none and has encouraged and bolstered my confidence. I am extremely grateful for everything the school has given me over my years as a student and feel that in my role of deputy head I can give back and contribute to new ideas of how to promote our school, as integrated education is vital in a modern Northern Ireland and general society.

New-Bridge has helped shape me into the person I am today, and I know looking back on my education, I would not have received the support and care anywhere else. I have two sisters attending other schools and I know, from their experience, I would not have gained the same development that New-Bridge has encouraged. I have made so many amazing memories and can’t wait to make more over the next year.


Deputy Head Boy Reflection

Hello, my name is Tristan Brush, and I am honoured to be the deputy head boy in New Bridge this academic year. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience in year 13 and am excited for the busy year ahead. Throughout my time in sixth form, I have been able to be a part of many beneficial experiences, one of which being the Young Enterprise programme which I was able to be a part of through the school’s enrichment programme; a programme which develops our wider skills outside the classroom in readiness for third level education and potentially living away from home.

I am studying Maths, ICT and Physics in the hope that I can go to Queen’s University to study Computer Science or Software Engineering. My experience as a sixth form student at New Bridge has been nothing but positive, as all the staff have strived to help me to the best of their ability especially Mrs McCamley sixth form study’s amazing supervisor. If you want to come to New Bridge’s sixth form I couldn’t recommend it more, I have had an outstanding experience and I’m sure you will too!


Enrichment Programme

The Sixth Form Enrichment Programme in New-Bridge Integrated College is designed to add breath to the examined post 16 Curriculum and provide opportunities which extend beyond the classroom.

Our programme consists of a wide range of additional courses which seek to enrich our students’ Sixth Form experience and provide them with the wider skills required for the world of work and indeed wider life. The courses range from The Duke of Edinburgh Award, Young Enterprise Company Programme, Mental Health Ambassadors Programme, as well as fitness and art and craft courses.

Leavers Destinations – Universities

In New-Bridge ,we provide high quality careers, education, information, advice and guidance. Our pupils have a very good understanding of the world of work and of the education, training and employment opportunities that are available locally and regionally. Our range of career learning activities are well integrated into the curricular provision in our College and meet very effectively the needs of our pupils.