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Head Girl Reflection

My journey at New-Bridge started in 2016, and the school has helped me grow into the person I am today. I am very proud to not only be part of the New-Bridge family, but also Head Girl of our school.

Throughout my time at this school, I have achieved my GCSEs and am now studying Drama History and English at A-Level and I cannot imagine studying anywhere else.

For me, the thing that makes our school so unique is our motto and the message behind it. “The school for all the family” Not only does this promote the warmth and positivity of our school atmosphere, but it also highlights our thriving integrated ethos. I had never been in integrated education until I came to New-bridge but I think it is such an incredible and important thing to be part of.

Integration is not just about different religions coming together, it’s about different personalities, beliefs, abilities and learning styles coming together and staying connected.

I have learnt from the different prefect teams that I have seen throughout being at New-Bridge, that it’s our duty to the younger pupils to make sure everyone feels a part of our family, to make sure everyone is connected and I am willing to continue that work.

I will forever be grateful for my time at New-Bridge and it will always be something I reflect on with pride. It is thanks to the amazing opportunities the school has given me that led to me being the person I am today. The strong relationships between staff and pupils is also another reason for how well our pupils thrive. No pupil is ever afraid to ask for support and I know that had I gone to any other school I would not have received the same guidance I have at New-Bridge and therefore would not be the young adult I am today.

The atmosphere in our school has always been a positive one. Even though every pupil has they’re bad days, there is always someone willing to change that, whether it be a teacher, a prefect or a mentor. It’s so important to us that the school atmosphere remains positive and as Head Girl I am excited to share and explore ideas on how we can keep our positive atmosphere alive for our new and current pupils.


Head Boy Reflection

Taking on the role of Head Boy is definitely a big responsibility, but it is a role that I am both excited and grateful to have, as through my years in New-Bridge Integrated College, I have been shaped into a resilient and diligent person that is now ready for this role. I am very privileged to be your Head Boy for the next year at New-Bridge Integrated College, and I never thought that one day I would have this opportunity due to my initial lack of confidence I had when first stepping foot in New-Bridge in 2016. But thanks to my time in New-Bridge, I was able to grow into the person I am today and was able to achieve this tremendous privilege. I truly do owe it all to New-Bridge and am thankful for all it has given me.

I am excited and ambitious to take on new responsibilities as Head Boy as well as implement my own ideas into our school community as a way of giving back to school, like working closely with the new students to ensure that they feel welcomed and have settled in. The guidance and support provided for me by our teachers as well as previous sixth form students from when I was in Year 8, has encouraged me to take a multitude of opportunities that are provided to me, such as becoming a member of the Anti-Bullying Team and involving myself in the ‘Buddy Up’ programme in which I mentor a number of Year 8 and 9 pupils, which have allowed me to develop my skills and grow as a person, which will definitely benefit me in the future. When I first joined New-Bridge, I never would have imagined myself partaking in such activities to help people, but thanks to how I have developed and grew from my first day in school, I am now able to be the same helping hand that was offered to me in Year 8, and I hope to inspire any new students to do the same and get involved in the schools community.

As the eldest of three siblings, I know the endless benefits offered to students here at New-Bridge, and I am confident in the fact that much like myself, my own siblings and any other students that join, will thrive and will experience support like no other. I have enjoyed every second of my sixth form experience so far, and the unique atmosphere it offers has allowed me to develop my communication skills further through experiences like open day as well as individual mentoring. This has lead me to be excited for the year to come as I will be working close with my fellow peers in sixth form with all the new skills I have gathered over my years in New-Bridge, and I know that looking back on my time here, I would not have gained the same development that New-Bridge has encouraged if I were at another school.


Deputy Head Girl Reflection

My name is Caitlin Mcshane and I am the deputy head girl of New-Bridge Integrated College. At present I am studying Chemistry, Biology and History. I have completed maths to an AS level. I am so grateful to be given the opportunity to represent the school not only to the public but to the pupils and staff within. Throughout my years at New-Bridge I have grown through the opportunities and experiences which have been given to me and which I have earned through hard work and determination.

Coming from primary school all by myself I understand how huge of a jump moving school can be but I can assure that New-Bridge Integrated college staff and pastoral team work hard to make everyone feel welcome and at ease.However sixth form is a complete new experience. I have been very fortunate to experience it with my friends which I have made through my years and not only have these relationships been made with pupils but also with teaching staff.

The close connection between the staff and pupils adds to the New-Bridge experience. This is prevalent in the sixth form study. Mrs McCamley works hard each and everyday to provide a stable and productive environment for sixth form pupils to continue their studies outside of the classroom. The New-Bridge community is something to be very proud of. Integrated education has impacted my life in a positive way. I have not previously come from an integrated primary school but through this amazing type of education resilience and respect is learnt.

New-Bridge has made me the person I am today through my experiences. I’ve gained interpersonal skills that are not only helpful inside our school environment but also in my part time job and in my day to day life. I am thankful for every opportunity and skill that New-Bridge has provided me with and I feel it has shaped me into the person I am today.


Deputy Head Boy Reflection

Hello, my name is Matthew McKee and I am happy to be the deputy head boy in New Bridge this year. I really enjoyed my experience in Year 13 and am very excited for the year ahead. Throughout my time in sixth form, I have been able to be a part of many beneficial experiences through the mentorship program, one of which being the Tutoring Scheme which had us taking on a year 12 student to help them with their studies for their GCSEs.

I am studying Physics, Maths and Chemistry and plan to go to Queen’s University Belfast to study Physics with Astrophysics. My experience as a sixth form student at New Bridge has been brilliant, especially the independence and freedom that comes with it. I can’t recommend it enough, and I know your experience will be just as good.


Enrichment Programme

The Sixth Form Enrichment Programme in New-Bridge Integrated College is designed to add breath to the examined post 16 Curriculum and provide opportunities which extend beyond the classroom.

Our programme consists of a wide range of additional courses which seek to enrich our students’ Sixth Form experience and provide them with the wider skills required for the world of work and indeed wider life. The courses range from The Duke of Edinburgh Award, Young Enterprise Company Programme, Mental Health Ambassadors Programme, as well as fitness and art and craft courses.

Leavers Destinations – Universities

In New-Bridge ,we provide high quality careers, education, information, advice and guidance. Our pupils have a very good understanding of the world of work and of the education, training and employment opportunities that are available locally and regionally. Our range of career learning activities are well integrated into the curricular provision in our College and meet very effectively the needs of our pupils.