Anti-Bullying Week 18th – 22nd November 2013

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Monday 18th November marked the start of anti – bullying week 2013. The theme this year ; “I see, I hear, I feel”.

The anti bullying ambassadors in New-Bridge Integrated College lead an assembly on Monday 18th November to highlight the effects of  bullying with a particular emphasis on cyber bullying. The message was loud and clear; if you have been affected by any form of bullying it is very important to tell someone, and get help and advice on how to deal with it.

The anti – bullying ambassadors’ programme has been set up in New-Bridge for all  pupils. There are a group of fifteen ambassadors, identifiable by a blue hoody, worn at break and lunch times. They can be approached by any pupil who finds themselves in a bullying situation or if they witness any form of bullying taking place they can bring it to the ambassadors’ attention. All our anti-bullying ambassadors have been trained in how to deal with these situations and their roles include;

  • To help create a safe, caring environment for all our pupils.
  • To be positive role models.
  • To be a secure point of contact for anyone feeling distressed or worried.

With raising awareness of our anti – bullying campaign we aim to create a “bullying free zone” at New- Bridge Integrated College.

F.E.McWilliam Gallery Visit
Gideons Welcomed to Annual Assembly at New-Bridge