Banbridge Arts Festival – Poetry Reading Competition

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Yesterday, we brought 9 year 8 & 9 students to the Banbridge Arts Festival for a poetry reading competition. Students were asked to select their favourite poem, memorise this, and then recite the poem in front of an adjudicator. It was a great opportunity for the students to show off their amazing talent, develop their speaking skills, while also having friendly competition with each other. The adjudicator was amazed by their confidence and speaking skills.

I’m delighted to announce the winners of the competition:

1st place: Lukas Girvan (8BD)

2nd place: Lilly Lavery (9RY)

3rd Place: Matthew McCreanor (9MH)

Other students involved:

Elliana Stronge (9MH)

Bella Beattie (9CK)

Chris Davison (9KN)

Emily Murphy (9KN)

Catherine Hughes (9KN)

Caitlin Magee (8LE)


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