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Past pupil of New-Bridge Integrated College, Cameron Magee, is fundraising to help a rural community in Tanzania. Cameron is currently a student in Queen’s University, Belfast and is heading to Tanzania at the end of the academic year.   Cameron got involved in the ‘Build Tanzania Project through Childreach international who run a charitable organisation through the university to encourage students to get involved in charitable work.  As Cameron Magee prepares to dig wells, he is appealing for people to dig deep to help him in his quest to raise money to take to Tanzania where he will travel to with a team of 20 students at the end of the academic year of 2017. Childreach have targeted Tanzania as it is generally a poor and rural area of Africa with no real source of food, education or community. Cameron felt compelled to help as the concept of the work they do touched his heart. Cameron said ‘Childreach is not a charity who give to those less fortunate than ourselves as a means of survival; Childreach is about giving opportunities, education and teaching important skills to those who are willing to learn. We not only want people to survive, we want them to thrive! Cameron will be working with local people teaching them how to dig wells for water, how to grow and sustain healthy crops in their harsh weather so they have a successful and steady source of food and importantly, teaching them how to build houses and schools so their children can grow and learn. Cameron said he is very excited about the project and said it has made him think about how fortunate he is to have had the opportunity of an excellent education in New-Bridge and now in Queens University. In Tanzania, schools have noticed a decline in school attendance across the entire country. When the children were asked why it is they are not going to their classes they simply replied with “we don’t stay in school because we are hungry. We all know what it’s like to be hungry, so hungry that food is all we can see, it’s all we think about and all we can concentrate on”.  Last year Childreach fed 17,099 children in 3 countries in Africa. Cameron feels so passionate about helping that he is working on a number of initiatives to raise money. He will be approaching local businesses for sponsorship and is hoping to be received generously.   His goal is raise £2335 exclusively for building materials for the new school the team are going to construct, along with farming equipment which will remain in the local community. Cameron would like to emphasise that EVERY PENNY of this money will be used directly to help the children and the community. Cameron has put his own savings into booking his flights and accommodation. He has many projects going in order to reach his target by March of 2017 and he is determined to succeed. ‘This initiative means a lot to me personally as I have always been one to care about other people more than I do for myself. I want to help those less fortunate than myself. I often wonder why I was born in a first world country, was it god? Was it fate, or was it just blind luck? I’ll never know but I’m determined to try and make a difference where it counts with my own two hands. Many people believe that change is impossible because not enough people are willing to donate and dedicate themselves to others less fortunate than ourselves. I am asking anyone who has taken the time to read this to donate to this cause that WILL make a difference.   I will be so grateful for any contribution no matter how small but I know that the children of Tanzania will be the most grateful when they are given the opportunity to grow up in a healthy loving community that so many of us take for granted. Cameron is appealing for donations ‘Please use the following link direct to my donation page and please look deep in your hearts and in your pockets.   Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your donations. God bless!


Past Pupil Maria New Ambassador for Queens