Head Girl Jasmine nominated for Youth Leadership Award

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Head Girl Jasmine Pescod was nominated by Sixth Form supervisor, Mr Michael Shields, for the prestigious Rotary Club Youth Leadership Award.  Jasmine was shortlisted for interview which gave her the opportunity to talk about her voluntary work inside and outside of school and her role as Head Girl at New-Bridge Integrated College.  Jasmine describes herself as a ‘fair’ leader. A key attribute of a good leader, she adds, is to listen to and respect the values and opinions of others, core values promoted in integrated education. Jasmine, a former pupil of Bridge Integrated primary school transferred to New-Bridge in 2010. Head girl Jasmine is currently studying English, ICT and Psychology.  She believes that attending an integrated school has given her the opportunity to grow confidently as a person, comfortable in her own beliefs, traditions and culture.

It is remarkable given Jasmine’s young age, she has been a volunteer in the local community for many years.    She has trained with the St Johns ambulance and volunteered with them at a number of public events.   In addition, Jasmine was involved in the Youth Club in the community Church of Seapatrick for a number of years.   Jasmine has achieved her Bronze ‘Millennium volunteer’ award for 50 hours and has 170 hours totaled which will go towards her combined silver and gold award which she will receive when she reaches her 200 hour target.  Jasmine is a wonderful ambassador for young people both in school and in the community.  Jasmine’s vision is to promote the role of volunteering with her fellow peers and set up a volunteering scheme to raise awareness of the need for young people in the community to reflect how much their contribution to society is valued and appreciated.

Well done Jasmine!



Remembrance Day at New-Bridge 11/11/16