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ipdStudents at New-Bridge Integrated College celebrated ‘International Day of Peace’ today, Wednesday 21 September 2016. The event known as Peace Day, was brought into being by United Nations Resolutions in 1981 and 2001. Each year, hundreds of students take part in a student observance of Peace Day at the United Nations which includes messengers of peace. Follow link for more information.


Representatives from our Pupil Council were invited to join local schools at the Amazing the Space event to mark International Day for Peace, 21st September. Students from a number of local schools joined pupils at St Paul’s HS which facilitated a live satellite link to the main event in Eikon Exhibition Centre, Lisburn. Our pupils were treated to lunch, a celebration T shirt and the chance to make friends and chat while watching the concert at the Eikon Centre.  Alanna McCourt’s performance of ‘New Beginnings’ was screened as part of the presentation and was seen by more than 3,500 pupils who were involved in the whole event.   Peace Pledges written by schools involved here were shared with pledges written by school students from across the globe.


In school, students reflected on the work of some of the world’s Peacemakers  who have  dedicated their lives to peace, often in countries affected by war, violent conflict, and political instability.





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