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Luke Vance Brown 11WN


Luke is currently filming for a new series called Na Dúlradóirí (Little things make big things happen). This is a wildlife series that proves how the small steps we take can make a huge difference to the natural world.


Series Ethos: The people that will influence what happens next with our environment are the young people and the families of our nations – the audience for these programmes.  Now, more than ever, it is time to share with them the beauty that lies in caring for our world and the power that they have when it comes to making a difference. By sharing our observations, managing our waste and respecting our water, we can have an impact on a global scale – now and in the future.


Care is taken throughout the series to reflect wildlife in urban and rural habitats. Wildlife needs help everywhere! On the beaches, forests, city parks and bogs all around us. It’s important that we realise where the natural world exists, its connection to the bigger picture and that we really can help make the world a better place.

How we manage our man made environment has a huge impact globally.  What we do for hedgehogs, foxes, pigeons and squirrels in the cities is just as important as maintaining diversity in our bogs, keeping our beaches clean and measuring life in our rivers.


Luke will be working with rockpools, he’ll identify various species, learn about the habitat and engage in citizen science.

Senior Prize Giving Celebration Thursday 1 October 2015
NB20 Celebration Scones