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New-Bridge Integrated College Year 8 student Matthew Devlin is back from Moscow having  been selected  with 3 other boys, to train in Russia and to compete in a friendly International Competition. While there he got  the chance to see some of the European Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Championships 2013. It was a huge opportunity for Matthew to be selected to do this. He stayed and trained at the Moscow Gymnastics School and was coached by some of the world’s best Men’s Gymnastics coaches. At age 12, Matthew was the youngest in his squad to be selected.

Matthew trains at Salto National Gymnastics Centre for 20-24 hours each week. This usually means 4 hours training every day, except Thursdays. He leaves home at 4pm during the week to go to training and doesn’t get home until 9pm. Then he has to start his homework so it can be very tiring and a bit stressful – but he loves being an elite gymnast.

His coach is Russian and his name is Vladimir Shchegolev. He expects Matthew to give 100% in every training session. Vlad was one of the coaches for the winning Russian Men’s Gymnastics team in Los Angeles Olympics in 1998 and he has also coached in Britain, New Zealand, Holland and Russia.

Matthew gave a performance of his skills on the pommel horse at our recent ‘Celebration of Integration’ Assembly and it is plain to see why he has been chosen for the squad.  We look forward to following Matthew’s gymnastic career.

Inset photo of Matthew in Moscow with David Belyavskiy, a Russian gymnast and 2013 European All-around champion.




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