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On March 27th New-Bridge Integrated College will celebrate World News Day, taking part in BBC News School Report.

Since 2007, BBC News School Report has been giving 11-16 year-olds across the UK the opportunity to make and broadcast their own news.

New-Bridge students are working towards the deadline producing and publishing their content onto their school’s dedicated webpage, which the BBC links to, giving their stories a real audience.

Year 8 and 9 pupils are currently writing their very own news reports on life at New-Bridge, local and international news.  This week they will put their skills to the test as they set out to find sources for their stories, interviewing anyone they can get their hands on!  Look out for the BBC News School Report press passes they will wear in order to identify themselves as members of the school press!

Year 10, 11 and 12 pupils are busy preparing their very own news broadcast.  This week they will take on the roles of camera crew, reporters, interviewers and editors as they gather together and prepare the material they will need to make their broadcast a success.

As well as all of this, our very own Conor Burns (12CP) and Niamh Markey (12TN) have been chosen, along with four pupils from two other schools, to present the news live from the BBC on World News Day itself.  Niamh will take on the role of newsreader, positioned behind the famous desk at the BBC news studios in Belfast while Conor will do Mr Walker proud and present local sports news.


On the 11th and 27th February, Niamh and Conor attended training sessions at the BBC in preparation for the big day.  They will have one final rehearsal on the 20th March before they make their on-screen debuts on the 27th!  You can watch them live by visiting the BBC website on the day or by clicking the red button.  Both pupils will be interviewed also for the 6 o’ clock evening news where you can see how they got on.



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