New-Bridge Castle Club complete Motte and Bailey Model

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Over the past five weeks, pupils from 8MC have been participating in a very special after school ‘Castle’Club. In History class, pupils have been learning about castle design. Ellie Haslem, Lauren Wright, AJ Peniero, Brandon Beattie and Conall Mc Grath decided asked class teacher, Mrs Hanna if they could stay back after school to design and create their own model of a motte and bailey castle with a stone keep. The pupils enjoyed working together as a team, problem solving and being creative. It was good timing that the Year 8 History trip, organised by Head of History, Ms Harrison, to Dromore Motte and Bailey and Carrickfergus Castle took place on Friday 2nd May , the day after the castle model was completed.  In line with the school’s Eco policy, all resources were sourced from recyclable products.





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