New-Bridge Students engage in ‘Safe Night Out’ Workshop

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New-Bridge Students participate in

Safety Night Out Workshop

Students in Year 12 engaged in an informative workshop based around the dangers young people encounter on a night out.

Facilitators created a nightclub environment and students were admitted as with a normal night out.  Some students were refused admission and were left outside alone as friends went in without them.    Facilitators talked to students about the possible dangers they may encounter such as spiked drinks, fights, drug and alcohol related incidents and the importance of staying together and travelling home accompanied.

Representatives from the SELB Youth Service, PCSP and PSNI gave advice to students how to behave responsibly and most importantly how to conduct themselves safely.  The workshop was interactive and engaging and we were delighted to welcome Mrs Colette Ross, Eimear McCurdie and Fergal Ross, SELB Youth Service, Ciaran McCartan, Youth Support Worker, Helen Coop, Community Safety Warden, Alison Beattie, PCSP and representatives from the Banbridge PSNI.

Mr Kane, Pastoral Co-ordinator commented ‘This Workshop is an important and effective way of encouraging our young people to take care on a night out and to be aware of the dangers they can face on what should be an enjoyable evening with friends. We hope our students will take on board the advice given to them to ensure that they think and act more responsibly and enjoy a safe night out’.



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