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Congratulations!! We have our first poet of the month – Harry Mc Kee (8BL)

Harry has written a poem on the theme of our year 8 assembly individuality. Harry has chosen to create an acrostic poem spelling out the word ‘individuality’. What an impressive use of vocabulary used! Well done Harry!

Please check out his poem below.

Individuality Poem

Individuality comes second nature to you.

Nobody is quite like you!

Distinctiveness is your fortitude,

Impeccable taste;

Valour is your greatest strength.

In yourself, you should believe

Don’t let anyone say different.

Uniqueness is important.

Accept yourselves and others.

Love yourselves and others.

I is the most important pronoun.

Take time to develop yourself more.

You are always valued!

Written by: Harry Mc Kee

Best of Luck Miss McKenna
Congratulations Alex Dean!