Sixth Form Abseil for ‘Habitat for Humanity’

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Sixth Form Students Cameron Magee, Jessica Massey and Niamh McNally are taking part in an abseil down the Obel Tower in Belfast this
week-end. This is the tallest building in Belfast and Jessica Massey in particular is going beyond her comfort zone here!!  The fact that they are undertaking this says a lot about these brave young students.  They are making this ultimate sacrifice to raise money for the housing charity Habitat for Humanity who build homes for people in the less well off parts of the world.  The students would be grateful for some sponsorship to make their efforts worthwhile.   If you would like support this worthy cause, please send your donation,  cheque/cash into the College and for the attention of Sixth Form Co-ordinator, Mr S Clarke.     Watch out for more fundraising  events next term!

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