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New-Bridge Integrated College Art Department is delighted to announce that art student Toni Maginess is Key Stage 4 winner of the Carson Prize.

The Carson Awards are named in honour of the legendary Northern Ireland comedian Frank Carson and his son Tony.  Frank and Tony are both passionate supporters of integrated education and have a long standing relationship with the Integrated Education Fund.  Sponsored by Tony, the Awards are now in their eleventh year and it is hoped the scheme will run for many years to come.  The awards are of great benefit to the individual winners, the integrated schools they attend and the wider Integrated Education Movement in Northern Ireland.

Toni’s painting PERSPECTIVE PATTERNS was inspired by the quote,

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” By Henry David Thoreau

The painting was about how we try to reinforce sound and inclusive standards every day in our daily lives.  Toni commented, “My art work focuses on learning to respect difference and understand other traditions, especially being able to see things from the other person’s perspective.  This is so important because it is only when we can appreciate how another person feels, that relationships and friendships can be developed. We might assume that other people see things the same way as we do, but I think we have to practice looking at PERSPECTIVE PATTERNS to be curious and interested in other people, not just our neighbours but people from all over the world.”


Toni will be awarded a Carson trophy and £500 for the school during an awards ceremony in October. 



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