World Food Day Friday 16 October 2015

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International World Food Day

Friday 16th October  2015

International World Food Day is an ideal time to start exploring what food means for people around the world, the differences in what we grow and eat and the cultural significance of foods.

Food is a topical subject. The rising cost of food and fuel is impacting on people all around the world and, sadly, we are on the brink of a humanitarian crisis –   with up to 1 billion people at risk of hunger because of food shortages.

To raise awareness for International Food Day, we will be highlighting where some of the dishes we serve in the school canteen originate from. For example, if curry is on the menu on Friday, we will have a small sign depicting what country the dish originates from.

As well as raising awareness, we would like to encourage our pupils to do something to make a difference. We will leave some fundraising buckets in the school canteen so that students can contribute some of their loose change.  The proceeds will be sent to an organisation that supports those less fortunate than ourselves who are on the brink of hunger.

The daily food for a child in a third world country

daily food

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