Easter Raffle Winners

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We had a very special Easter Raffle this year to celebrate our 20th Anniversary and to raise money for school funds.  nb20 logo 2015sml

Year 8 parents Mr and Mrs Martin, donated 10 Easter Baskets and 10 Football/Rugby balls(complete with chocolate to appeal to the boys) to help raise money for school funds. 

This was our biggest ever Easter Raffle ever with 20 prizes up for grabs one for each year the school has been open.   The draw took place on the last day of term,  Wednesday 23 March 2016 and raised in the region of £400.  We are very grateful to Mr and Mrs Martin and we hope that the ticket sales reflect their very generous contribution.  Thank you to all who supported this fundraising initiative.  


Chloe Devlin – 8HI

Shannon O’Sullivan – 8TH

Megan Toman – 8KL

Lucy Gordon – 11WN

Ms Murphy

Katie Monaghan – 8CF

Mrs McLean

Mrs Kearns

Mrs McCaffrey – (Parent of Tom/Alice) 8CF10MAN /

Brendan Wainwright – 8TH

Amy Johnston – 8HI

Matthew Skillen – 8HI

Jasmine Pescod – 13MK

Joshua Bell – 8TH

Nathan Hood – 10BD

Chloe Devlin – 8HI

Mrs Manson

Cara Scullion – 8CF

Chloe Devlin – 8HI

Max Brown – 8TH

YENI Digital Teen
Visiting speaker Claire Magill, Regional Conservator