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On Saturday 27th September Year 10 pupil Luke Vance-Brown will be involved in the Premier of a movie in which he makes his first narrative role.  Luke has appeared on-screen on many other occasions, but he is very excited about this new role since it is an anti-bullying movie created by young people, for young people.  We are delighted that some of the College staff will be joining Luke for his Premier, along with some representatives from our Anti-Bullying Ambassador Team.

2Late is a short anti-bullying film aimed at raising suicide awareness. Suicide is a particularly difficult subject to approach, especially in relation to younger people under the age of 25 years.  Provisional suicide figures for 2012 compiled by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) show that the vast majority of suicides here are amongst men (215 men, 63 women) with the highest (33) recorded in the 25-29 age group.  However worryingly in 2012 there were 39 male suicides in Northern Ireland under the age of 25 (in contrast to 6 female suicides in the same age group) with 11 of these in the 15 to 19 age bracket and it is to this group that the short film 2Late is focused.

The film is by young people, for young people and has been written, directed and produced by a group mostly still attending Southern Regional College in Armagh and Queen’s University Belfast, and has attracted media interest during the filming, particularly when the set was visited by the Mayor of Armagh, Councillor Robert Turner.

All the actors (mainly from local schools and colleges), crew and production team volunteered their skills and services to the making of 2Late.  Many had suffered firsthand experience of bullying and sadly some have family members or close friends who had taken their own lives.  However all involved in the making of the film wanted to bring the issues and consequences of bullying into the public domain.

The forward plan is to enter 2Late into film competitions and festivals to raise the profile of suicide awareness and make a stand against bullying.  We also aspire to showing the film to age appropriate classes in schools and colleges to help copper fasten existing anti-bullying programmes and to this end a number of relevant people have also been invited to the premier event, including the Minister of Health, the Minister of Education, the Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure and a number of educational organisations such as the Southern Education & Library Board and local schools and colleges.

2Late’s main sponsor is the Niamh Louise Foundation suicide support group, formed in 2006 following the death of a local 15 year old girl, and net proceeds from ticket sales will be presented to the charity at the premier event.

The Premier is at 7pm in Armagh City Hotel on Sat 27th September and the 2Late production team, cast and crew cordially invite you to attend as our special guest.

Of course we would welcome friends and family too – tickets are £6 and are available from the Armagh City Hotel.

Please visit the 2Late Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/2LateMovie for up to date news about the event and a teaser for the movie.





  1. 2Late was written by Adam McCaffrey and co-directed by Gary Wales (GA Productions).  Cinematography by Phil McAleavey from Titanic Vision Entertainment who also co-directed.
  2. Cast:

Adam McCaffrey

Sam Hunter

Gary Wales

Reece Anderson

Lindsey Mitchell

Mrs Hunter

Simon Millar

Mr Hunter

Beth Reader

Maddie Hunter

Mario McEntee

Peter Anderson

Steven Bob


Amy Dawson


Aaron Lavery


Jade Gribbon


Luke Vance-Brown


  1. Cast and crew biographies will be posted on IMDb post production.
  2. Posters and flyers are available from Gary Wales and Adam McCaffrey.
  3. Social media addresses:





  1. Contact Gary Wales on 07933286733, Adam McCaffrey on 07547295807 or Helena Brown on 07949076962.
  2. 2Late is being sponsored by the Niamh Louise Foundation, a charity formed in 2006 following the death of a local 15 year old girl.  Niamh McKee died in November 2005 and her sudden death sent shock waves through the small rural community.  The Niamh Louise Foundation provides services such as bereavement support, befriending/mentoring, counselling and complimentary therapies including reflexology, Reiki, Indian head massage etc.
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