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To launch the start of Anti Bullying Week,

New-Bridge Integrated College

held a Non Uniform



A special assembly was held  to raise awareness

of the effects of bullying and

what pupils can do if they are a victim or a bystander.

Our Anti-Bullying Assembly was led by our New-Bridge Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassadors assisted by           Mr Kane, Pastoral Co-ordinator and Mrs Wright, Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassador Co-ordinator.

As part of the assembly video clips were played. American students conducted a ‘social experiment’ on the reactions of bystanders when witnessing a bullying incident. They acted out different scenes in public whereby people behaved in an aggressive, intimidating and at times violent manner towards others.

The reactions of bystanders who witnessed the scene varied. Some walked past and completely ignored what was happening even though it was directly in front of them. Other bystanders who were sitting in the area at the time felt so uncomfortable that they walked away but without taking any action. On other occasions, bystanders intervened outraged by what had witnessed even though they were putting themselves at risk.

Students were issued with sensible guidelines and advice on how to react when they witness an incident of bullying. Mr Kane explained that being a bystander can have a very negative or indeed a very positive effect on the situation. Students were advised to report an act of bullying immediately and to look after the victim by offering friendship and support.

During the Assemly Sixth Form Drama students performed a powerful drama  piece depicting the role of the bully, the victim, and the bystander. The message was loud and clear. We can all play an important role in preventing incidents of bullying in our school community by following the guidelines and advice given during the assembly.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors held a cake sale during lunchtime in the Anti-Bullying Room. In keeping with the theme of the day, buns of course were covered in blue icing!

Proceeds will go to a chosen children’s charity.

See Gallery for photos of the day’s events!


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