CEIAG Workshop for Year 10 Students

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Mrs Hilary Harbinson, Head of CEIAG at New-Bridge Integrated College invited Mr Pat Jamison from Sentinus to facilitate a work shop for Year 10 students in the College on Friday 7th February 2014.

Students were given the opportunity to examine a range of careers and discuss the education requirements, skills and qualities associated with specific roles in the work place.   Students received sound advice on the importance of choosing a career that will keep them interested for a long time, given the retirement age for our young people will be at least 68 years of age.

Students were presented with ideas on how they can develop employment skills for the future. Pat commented ‘ Take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves outside of school.  Everything you do says something about the type of person you are including what you do at evenings at weekend’.

Year 10 students at New-Bridge will be choosing their GCSE options in the coming weeks and this is a vital time for students to receive training on careers advice. We are indebted to Mr Jamison for his input this morning.


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