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FE McWilliams Inspired Sculpture underway in New-Bridge Integrated College

 New-Bridge Integrated College staff and Year 11 pupils are embarking on a sculpture project influenced and inspired by the work of F.E McWilliam.  When complete the sculpture will be set in the garden and this will reflect the growth of integration within the school and local community.

The College is delighted that Miss Sarah McAvoy- Glass sculptress working with the F.E McWilliam Gallery is giving her time to come in for a number of  consecutive weeks to conduct a Masterclass with the students and staff involved in this very exciting project.

The sessions commenced with a Power Point presentation on Sarah’s work and introduction to working with glass.  Project ideas included Integration, development and growth of ideas.   Inspiration was taken from FE McWilliam’s sculptures of ‘beans’ and work using mosaic.  Students responded well to ideas and theme.  Students suggested the idea of a morphed bean as a response to McWilliam’s Nordic Bean.

The second session focussed on ‘What does integration mean to me?  Some very impressive work was produced by students including working drawings.  Student responses included themes of ‘protection’ and ‘wrapping’ as a reaction to the key questions and students decided on one final design shape.

Students and staff will continue to work  with Sarah in the coming weeks and we look forward to the finished sculpture and to bringing a touch of FE McWilliam inspired art to New-Bridge and the community.



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