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Mrs Anderson began by welcoming staff, pupils, parents and extended family to our Annual Junior Prizegiving.  She extended a special welcome to Guest Speaker Mr Dawson Stelfox . Mrs Anderson said how honoured we were to have Mr Stelfox with us as part of our celebration of success and how much staff and pupils had enjoyed finding out more about him during school assemblies in the lead up to Prizeday.  She drew attention to the display in the foyer and thanked year 11 English students for their help to put the display together.

She went on to say; ‘Today is also about joining Dawson in the celebration of his own achievements where 20 year s ago,  at the age of 35, he became the first man from the island of Ireland to reach the summit of Mount Everest. This year we celebrate the 20th anniversary of his great achievement. So You are very welcome Dawson and we look forward to hearing from you later in the programme.

We are so proud of the fact that we are an integrated all ability school, as our mission statement says we are committed to ensuring that all our pupils are provided with the opportunity to achieve to their full educational potential in a challenging and stimulating environment in which they all feel cherished and valued.” A great quote from Thomas Carylye: Let each become all that he was created capable of being” and that’s what we are about  as we nurture the talents of our pupils and recognise achievements and successes at all levels.

Being selected as one of the schools to stand on the stage with President Obama at the Waterfront hall and shake hands with the President was a huge honour for us as a school and filled us all not only with great pride in being part of New-Bridge Integrated College but also as ambassadors for Integrated Education. Today is about celebrating the success of our talented pupils who have been described in a recent Belfast Telegraph article as ‘eloquent, intelligent, grounded, smart and savvy… The article went on to describe our pupils as ‘decent, moderate, grounded, self confident and a precious commodity to the future of Northern Ireland’..

As President Obama himself stated it is all about the young people, as you are the future.   So today is about the young people, of New-Bridge Integrated College where we come together as a community to celebrate each other’s achievements.   Congratulations to all our pupils and staff for another great year! Mrs Anderson handed over proceedings to Mrs Hasson, Vice Principal; Mrs Hasson said that she was delighted to share in this wonderful celebration of all our student’s achievements.

It is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a teacher to see success on such a large scale across our school. Whether it is the hard work rewarded through academic success, effort or most improved performance. Or recognition for outstanding achievements in Sport, Drama, Music or for achievements acknowledged through our gifted and talented strategy.

The presentation of awards started with students who achieved our Academic excellence awards in Years 8, 9 and 10. These are awarded to the Top girl and Top boy from each form class and top student overall in each year group

Year 8:

8BT:     Hannah Bailey and Jack Whyte                         8MD: Aimee McClean and Paul McConville

8WN:   Sorcha McComiskey and Matthew Devlin     8WT:   Anna McNeil and Jake Buchanan

Top academic achievement across all subject areas within Year 8 was awarded to Matthew Devlin.

Year 8 Winners Academic Excellence

Mrs Hasson said that Matthew was highly commended for his consistent effort. Matthew is highly regarded by his peers and teachers alike. Indeed his Form Tutor, Mrs Warnock describes him as a true gentleman with a quiet yet assured personality, which was evident as soon as he joined us from Bridge Primary school. He is passionate about gymnastics outside of school, yet he has managed to combine his outside interests with academic excellence.

Year 9

9BY:    Molly Gallagher and Jason Abernethy       9HN:     Aoife Diamond and Nathan Nash                   9MV:  Meghan McDermott and Matthew Houston

Top academic achievement across all subject areas within Year 9 was awarded to Matthew Houston.


Matthew was described by his form tutor Mrs McIvor quite simply as a great boy and a model pupil. Always happy and smiling and popular with and so supportive of his peers. He recently represented the College at the Eco schools Global Awards ceremony and shows a real interest in ICT, Science, Technology and Maths. Mrs Wright his Year coordinator has commented on his outstanding results in all of his recent examinations and his mature and diligent attitude.

Year 10

10MK:    Megan Rafferty and Connor Downey   10MN:    Tierna Lennon and  Luke Diamond

10TH:    Victoria Gilpin and Jack Fullerton     10WK:    Sasha Chambers and  Josh Morrison


Top academic achievement across all subject areas within Year 10 was awarded to Megan Rafferty. Megan was described by her form tutor  Mrs McKinstry as quiet but reflective and constantly challenging herself to improve, putting full effort into her class tests exams and any projects she is involved in. Her manners are perfect and her attitude to school a model for all who want to achieve at the highest level.

Thanks to Mrs O’Loughlin, pupils in Year 10 have the opportunity to complete a CCEA Language Assessment in Modern languages. This means that all our Year 10 pupils have the opportunity to leave with an externally accredited certificate in a modern language which reflects their progress to date. A representative from each Form class collected the individual Certificates for their class.

10MN: Charlotte Adamson     10MK: Victoria Bushby

10TH: Victoria Gilpin                10WK: Josh Morrison

Year 11 individual awards for each subject area for the top performing pupil based on the tracking of their progress in assessments and end of term tests throughout Year 11.  Academic Subject Awards for Year 11 awarded to one pupil for the subject area

Year 11 Winners Academic Excellence

Art &Design: Rachel Kitchen
B.Tec:Maria McAnearney
Drama: Matthew Blain
English: Rian Owens
Literature:  Niamh Markey
Geography:   Caroline Andrews
History: Rian Owens
H.E. Child Dev.: Anneka Knox
H.E. Food: Maria McAnearney
ICT: Luke Dodds
Mathematics: Samuel Trimble
Music:  Fiona McIlroy
Motor Vehicle Studies: Anthony Walsh
Occupational Studies: Rachel Maxwell
Physical Education: Ross Fitzpatrick
RE: Rian Owens
DA Science: Samuel Trimble
SA Science:  Anthony Walsh
Spanish: Rian Owens
Technology: Caroline Andrews

Individual awards for the pupil who has made the most progress this academic year within their own Form group. These awards have been nominated by the Pastoral teams
8 BT: Cameron Gibson   8 MD:   Katie McCauley

8 WN: Sol Cunningham   8WT:    Louis Browne

9 BY: Kurt Baines   9 HN: Dylan Breen    9 MV:  Ross McEvoy

10 MK: Daniella Avery-Cunningham     10 MN: Peter McConville

10 TH:  Hannah Morrow    10 WK: Anthea Cossar

11 MG: Naomi Haughey     11 KR:   Rachel Rendle

11 TN:  Melissa McInnes    11 CP: Anneka Knox

The Glass award is presented to one student in each year group from 8-11. This award is presented to those students who strive to do their best in all areas of school life, not just in the classroom, but those students who make a dedicated commitment to the extra-curricular life of our school.

Year 8: Amy Jordan

Form tutor Mrs Mackin described Amy as a student who has shown hard work and determination throughout the school year. She has had an exemplary attendance and behavioural record throughout the year. Her contribution to the extra-curricular life of the school is also significant including her contribution to our amazing Show-time extravaganza over the past two nights. This pupil tries extremely hard to be as successful as she can and this why she is most deserving of this award. Special thanks must go to the family of this student as they play an enormous part in the life of this student. I am honoured to have such a wonderful student in my class.

Year 9: Katy McCabe

Year 9 Coordinator Mrs Wright  described Katy as an enthusiastic, diligent student with a mature attitude to all her studies. She takes an active role in many aspects of school life; from sport to drama to music and was a huge asset to our “show time” production. Katy is a high profile member of our school sporting teams making a significant contribution to them and showing real leadership qualities in all she is involved in.

Year 10 : James Green  

Miss Harrison, Year 10 coordinator, described James as a quiet man who is hard-working and a very popular member of his form class. He always gives off his best in all aspects of school life and while this pupil  joined us just this year and has already made a significant contribution to the wider life of the College through his musical talents which we saw in his contribution to Show –Time and all round hard work ethic.


Year 11: Sarah Devlin

Sarah is heavily involved in the performing arts both in and out of school and plays an active role in the sporting life of the college. She was a true ambassador for the College as one of 11 pupils who represented the College at the Waterfront hall when we were honoured to meet President Obama. Her individual contribution to our Show-time production was outstanding. Her year coordinator Mr Tate describes her as a conscientious pupil who always strives to do her best in all aspects of her school life.

Individual awards for Contribution to the life of the College. These are to be awarded to one pupil from each form class in Years 8 to 11. In recognition of their significant contribution to the extra-curricular life of the College including fund-raising, eco club and school council membership.

8 BT: Elaine Keegan                          8 MD: Robbie Johnston

8 WN: Marco Fusco                          8WT: Eimear Murphy

9 BY: Nikita Blackburn                    9 HN: Alanna McCourt         9 MV:    Rachel Canniford

10 MK: Nicole Kane                         10 MN: Luke Diamond

10 TH:  Jack Proctor                        10 WK: Dean McDowell

11 MG: Marie McAnearney           11 KR:   Matthew Blain

11 TN:  Naimh Markey                     11 CP: Conor Burns      

Individual Awards for Sporting Achievement within the College which are presented to the top sportsman and sportswoman in each year group and chosen by our PE department.

Year 8: Sarah Malone & Stephen Gallagher

Year 9: Molly Gallagher & Jack McKerr

Year 10: Courtney Savage & Jack Myles

Year 11: Rebecca Lennon & Patrick McKinley  


Form Endeavour Award: This award is presented to the three top performing Form classes from years 8 to 11 who have  achieved the highest number of effort grade 1’s in their summer reports 

1st: 10WK                     2nd: 8WN                        3rd: 9HN and 10MN joint winners

Mrs Harbinson continued with the presentation of awards;

The Mc Glynn shield recognises students who make a significant contribution to the school and indeed wider community and this year the worthy recipient this year is  year 10 student, Ronan Curran, who is described as a true asset to his form class by Mr Walker. He is a  conscientious and articulate student who is very well prepared to commence his GCSE studies in September. Indeed, so articulate is this student, that he recently won a writing competition organised by The US Consulate, as part of his English work with Miss Phillips. He wrote a discursive article entitled” How do we make Peace permanent in Northern Ireland?” and because of his excellent piece of writing on peace and Integration , was selected along with 10 other students and Mrs Anderson and Mrs Hasson to attend the inspirational speech delivered by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in the Waterfront Hall, Belfast on Monday 17th June. In doing so this student , not only represented the College, but raised the profile of Integrated Education and deserves this  special award because of it.

Mrs Harbinson shared an extract of his writing, which demonstrated not only his writing talent but his strong commitment to a shared future for Northern Ireland….EXTRACT…

The troubles held Northern Ireland in captivity for many, many years. Religion fought religion, culture fought culture. I very much doubt that any person would wish to live their life in this manner. Would you like to live like this? Many people did, when the troubles were most predominant in the 1970s. When we say a peaceful society we mean a place where the people are safe and peaceful towards each other. It’s a place where conflict is at a minimum.  A quote from Albert Einstein, “Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding”. This underlines for me, the important lessons we must learn in NI.

Peace is so important to the vast majority of the population because that is what everyone wants to live in, they don’t want to have their lives and their families lives at risk. Peace is also important to me and my family for the same reasons and it’s what we believe in.

Slowly we are edging our way towards that peaceful place we all want. Northern Ireland is now as peaceful as it has ever been and that is what all future generations should strive for.

Gifted and Talented:

As an all ability Integrated College, inclusion of all our Learner’s needs are recognised and we are firmly committed to ensuring that those students with gifts and talents, both inside and outside the classroom are recognised.

Competition winners this year have been in abundant supply  in New- Bridge whether in Literature, Art or Sport. So we will start with the Sporting achievements of our students at a competitive level. 

The Intermediate ‘A’ Netball Team:

This was in fact the First time in History of this competition that two teams from one school played against each other in the final-  our Year 11 team played  against our  Year 12 team this year- winners this time were the  Year 12 in The Banbridge District League and Cup Champions.

Kerry Phillips, Chelsea Woods, Rachel Ryan, Meghan Todd, Rebecca Ingram, Hannah Reel-Quinn, Taylor Bleakney, Megan Whan (Captain)

Under 12 Football Champions in the Mid-Ulster League:

Ryan Donnelly, Louis Browne, Enda Haddow, Stephen Gallagher, Shea Winters, Josh Martin, Oisin Campbell, Peter McGrath, Conor Weir,   Cashel Haughey, Sam Fitzsimmons, Matthew Jackson-Brown, Kealan Harbinson, Niall Lennon, Richard Neeson,                               Dylan Stewart (Captain).

Under 15 Athletics Team – Banbridge District Interschool Senior Boys Team Champions

Patrick McKinley, Jordan Hayes, Ross Fitzpatrick, Ronan Curran, Stephen Mc Cavitt, Callum Adamson, Matthew Blain, Lee Richardson, Aaron Thompson

This Academic Year Other competition winners in the College have really been raising the profile of NBIC .

Mia Brown in 10TH was the worthy  winner of the Association of Principal Teachers in Integrated Schools (APTIS) logo design competition. Mia’s winning logo and strapline which beautifully reflected the ethos of all integrated schools was presented in the shape of a dove, rose and image of the world.  Her design was chosen from hundreds of entries from all over Northern Ireland.

The next recognition of achievement is for ICCR art competition at Queen’s University, Belfast, this was  to design art work that will be used in future publications of the  Institute of Child Care Research.  The standard was so high that the judging panel decided to award joint prizes in some cases.  Meghan McDermott has won joint 2nd prize in her category and Tara Wright has won joint 2nd prize in her category. Rachel Canniford received first prize for work in the category ‘Children in Public Care and adopted’. All students were presented with their prizes at Riddle Hall Belfast on Thursday 20th June.

Another amazing achievement is The Journeys DVD which was created by our year 10 students in response to work done exploring issues faced by visitors to our country.  The work was awarded 1st place at the Carson Awards this year.  The Carson Award open to all integrated schools invites pupils to demonstrate ‘What Integration Means to Me’

Gifted and Talented students were also recognised through their achievements in English Competitions this academic year Megan Rafferty  from 10 MK won a creative writing competition organised by Banbridge District Council.

Next,  Josh Morrison, one of our student representatives who attended President Obama’s speech in Belfast also won the Environmental Youth Speak Competition.  

 To further develop Gifted and Talented awards for  students Mrs Harbinson presented the Awards for excellence in Sport and Music recognising student’s talents with Honours Badges which they can wear on their College Blazer with pride that they are gifted and talented in sport or music.

Sporting Honours this year are presented to students who have been selected to compete at National or County.

The UK Champion Compound in Unlimited Field Archery and also representing the NI Field Archery Talent Squad is  Paul Mc Conville, 8MD.

NI Junior Gymnastics team and the NI Under 14 Gymnastics All-round Champion and that is  Matthew Devlin, 8WN

Northern Ireland Age 13/14 Karate Champion Rhys McDonnell, 9BY:

Irish Boxing Champion (Girl 4 50kg) Clodagh McComiskey, 11CP:

UK Champion Compound Unlimited Target and Field Archery- RECENT TEAM GB- Rebecca Lennon 11KR:

Northern Ireland U14 Road Champion and the Irish Development Talent Squad Shenna McKiverigan 11TN

Music Honours were presented to students who achieved external accreditation in their music examinations at  least grade 5.

Violin  and Drums – grade 5 achieved  in both for Amy Jordan 8BT

Trumpet – grade 5 – Rachel Canniford,  9MV

Piano –   grade 5 – Molly Gallagher 9BY

Voice – grade 5 – Alanna McCourt, 9HN

Voice – grade 5  -Connor Downey 10MK

Piano – grade 6  -Katie Taylor Magoran 10MK

Piano / Guitar – grade 6 in both Conor Burns 11CP

Violin – grade 5 Rachel Kitchen 11CP


Music and Sports Achievement Awards

Music and Sports Achievement Awards

A new and exciting award developed this year, the Leadership Award: presented to those students who have displayed leadership qualities throughout the year; As John F Kennedy once famously said “ Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other” and indeed we hope that our students will become those natural leaders that the world of work needs, when they leave New- Bridge. We are passionate in fact that leadership skills are developed throughout our student’s school careers. And so this year the recipients of the Leadership award are centred on those students who volunteered to be Tour Guides for the Primary 6 students as they visited the College earlier this month to participate in Primary school Taster sessions:” The New-Bridge Experience”. Mrs Harbinson commended each of these students on their maturity, initiative and their warm and friendly demeanour towards the primary school pupils. She commented that these students made the taster sessions the great success that they were. All of the Primary school teachers commented on their maturity and we are extremely proud of them as ambassadors for our school. They were an inspiration for younger pupils.

Leadership Award Winners

Leadership Award Winners

Peter Mc Conville 10MN, Aaron Duggan 10MK, Rachel Gallagher 10MK, Claire Mc Anearney 10TH, Victoria Gilmore 10WK, Josh Morrisson 10WK Rachel Kitchen 11CP, Melissa Whan 11CP, Caroline Andrews 11MG,Maria Mc Anearney 11MG, Lee Close 11KR, Sarah Devlin 11TN, Christain Ford 11TN Gary McConville 11TN

Mrs Harbinson invited Mr Kane, our College Pastoral Coordinator to present the attendance awards.

Attendance Awards are awarded to the top three pupils in each form class with the best attendance


3rd: Alex Collins

2nd: Leah Toal

1st: Hannah Bailey


3rd: Aimee McClean

2nd: Matthew Jackson-Brown

1st: Katie McCauley


3rd: Shea Winters

2nd: Sorcha McComiskey

1st: Caleb Shannon


3rd: Dean Proctor

2nd: Louis Browne

1st: Jake Buchanan


3rd: Kara Humphries

2nd: Kurt Baines

1st: Molly Gallagher


3rd: Gemma Chambers

2nd: Alanna McCourt

1st: Taylor Dougan (100% attendance)


3rd: Alison McCullagh

2nd: Anna Proctor

1st: Rachel Canniford


3rd: Christopher Byron-Porter

2nd: Tierna Lennon

1st: Sophie Martin


3rd: Aaron Thompson

2nd: Jack Myles

1st: Katie Canniford (100% attendance)


3rd: Katie McVey

1st: Victoria Gilpin (100% attendance)

1st: Jack Proctor (100% attendance)


1st: Josh Morrison (100% attendance)

1st: James Greene (100% attendance)

1st: Chloe Burns (100% attendance)


3rd: Rachel Maxwell

2nd: Rachel Kitchen

1st: Melissa Whan (100% attendance)


3rd: Rebecca Lennon

2nd: Matthew Blain

1st: Samuel Trimble


2nd: Rian Owens

2nd : Andrew McGivern

1st: Caroline Andrews (100% attendance)


1st: Fiona McIlroy

1st: Chloe Curran

1st: Reece Humpries

 Form Attendance Award awarded to the Tutor Group achieving the highest attendance over the academic year

3rd: 9BY

2nd: 8BT

1st: 10WK (also won it last year)

10WK Form Endeavour Award and Winners of the Attendance Award

10WK Form Endeavour Award and Winners of the Attendance Award











House Award:

 4th: Mourne        3rd: Bovennett     2nd: Bricrui          1st: Bann  


Mrs Anderson introduced guest of honour Mr Dawson Stelfox who delighted all present with his words of advice and inspiration.




New-Bridge Walk for MS
Dawson Stelfox unveils New-Bridge Bean Sculpture