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Opportunity Europe Tuesday 22 October 2013

St George’s Market Belfast

On Tuesday 22 October 2013 104 Year 8 pupils and 7 staff went to St George’s Market to learn about different cultures and languages. The event was organised by Belfast City Council, The British Council and The Northern Ireland Council for Information on Language Teaching. Pupils observed Theatre, Dance and musical displays. Some pupils took part in a quiz organised by Cool FM and exhibited great enthusiasm and inclusion. Work shops were available which featured such themes as What is a European? A World of Words, British Sign Language, Know Your Products Know Your Brands. Over 30 information stands offered the opportunity to learn about Poland, Croatia and many other countries. One of our pupils, Amber Morgan 8MC, successfully completed a language task in the quickest time and our pupils were commended on their interaction and excellent behaviour by providers at the event. We had the opportunity to buy Paella, Crepes and other foods from different countries which the pupils enjoyed. Many curriculum areas were easily identified through the focus of language such as Business, Geography and Learning for Life and Work.The focus on Equality For All was significant and one which our pupils embraced knowledgeably and respectfully. New-Bridge pupils proved, as always, to be excellent ambassadors for our College and for integration. The pupils really enjoyed the experience and comments included;


‘I thought it was an excellent experience’.

‘It was a lot of fun’.

‘There were lots of stands with different things’.

‘We played a Spanish game and we had a conversation in Spanish’.

‘We got free pens, pencils, badges, key rings highlighters and leaflets’.

‘I liked Opportunity Europe and would like to go again’.

A. O’Loughlin/G. Byrne


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