Sixth Form Students raise money for Habitat for Humanity

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Sixth Form students from New-Bridge Integrated College have been raising money for an important project they are involved in. Habitat for Humanity is a charity that builds efficient and safe housing in an attempt to break the cycle of poverty. Habitat for Humanity’s aim is for a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live through the elimination of housing poverty and homelessness. New-Bridge Integrated College Sixht Form students together with Dromore High School Sixth Form students participated in workshops within the two schools, before heading to a hostel in Downpatrick where they had the opportunity to put their practical skills to place and learn some painting techniques. Each school was given an individual goal to raise £1,235 which is the cost of decent housing in less fortunate countries. The students had a brainstorming session to come up with ideas on how to raise this amount of money and came up with a with a number of initiatives, one of which was a staff car wash. Over a period of two days they washed as many staff cars as possible throughout the school day. The whole group really enjoyed participating in the car wash and working together as a team. Their efforts were more fully appreciated knowing that the money raised was for a good cause. They will continue the fundraising until they have achieved their goal and hope to have as much fun in future events as they had on this occasion.

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