100 Year 8 Students approved for September 2013

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As Principal of New-Bridge Integrated College, I am absolutely delighted that our development proposal has been approved – this is a great vote of confidence for the future of integrated education as Mr O Dowd has honoured the Department of Education’s “ statutory duty to encourage and facilitate the development of integrated education in the north.”  It is right and fitting that the requirement for the clearly stated parental preference for integrated education has been met and it is a relief for parents and pupils to know that we will be able to welcome an additional 20 Year 8 pupils through our doors in September, increasing our intake to 100.

We are encouraged from the letter of approval received from the Minister that he acknowledges the need for land acquisition and provision for additional accommodations and we are confident that capital funding will be found to support new purpose built buildings and the replacement of mobile accommodation with permanent buildings.  This capital funding is needed to support the expansion of the school and improve the quality of provision for our staff and pupils.

New-Bridge Integrated is a popular successful over-subscribed school and has been deemed by our recent Inspection Report to be a ‘very good’ school, in fact ‘outstanding’ in a number of key areas.  The Governors, staff, parents and pupils are delighted with the Department of Education’s decision to allow the school to grow to facilitate the continued growth of Integrated Education, which represents a true model of shared education.

Mrs A Anderson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Principal

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