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The Bio Diversity Team visited Ballykinler in June to learn how to identify and trap moths on site at Ballykinler Army Base, Co.Down.

They attended a lecture with a Barn Owl and its’ carer from the Barn Owl Trust and viewed the Barn Owl boxes at the camp.

Bio Study (1)

Students also got to use binoculars to view the seal population near the beach at Dundrum Bay.

On our return to school 3 lucky students were able to take moth traps home and the next day we opened the boxes in the science lab to record the local species contents with Kathryn Bertram from the Butterfly Conservation NI.

The Bio Diversity Team will be taking part in a survey of our local moth population to update the records for QUB and Butterfly Conservation NI during 2015-2016.

A huge thank you to Mr Tony Canniford and Miss Aishling Higgins whose coordinated efforts made the event possible. A very memorable day out!

Mrs McIvor & Bio Diversity Team were accompanied by Mr Edgar and Miss Aishling Higgins.

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