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 New Era Academy Visit New- Bridge

On Friday 8th March 2013,  Mrs Farrelly and Mrs Harbinson met with the Chief Executive of New Era Academy , Derren Nesbitt and Examinations Director, Miranda Jacobs to discuss the possibility of  introducing a “ New Era” of  Performing Arts qualifications for our gifted and talented Drama students.

Indeed, since 1941, New Era Academy has offered a syllabus of graded examinations in a variety of communication, presentation and performance disciplines. These qualifications aim to promote the personal, social, creative and intellectual development of students as well as encouraging self confidence and developing high standards of speech, communication, presentation and performance. Derren reported that “New Era Academy aims to provide the opportunity for students irrespective of age, ability, culture or background to take accredited, graded examinations in a range of dramatic techniques and disciplines. The Academy seeks to encourage and promote the personal development of communication, presentation and performance skills to enable and equip candidates to be successful in the contemporary world.”

Mrs Harbinson and Mrs Farrelly were thoroughly entertained by Mr Nesbitt’s recounts of his successful directing, acting and producing career, working with many high profile icons such as Mr Frank Sinatra, Ray Winston and Sir Roger Moore. In fact Derren Nesbitt’s many television credits date back to the 1950s, including roles in The Invisible Man, Man of the World, Danger Man, The Prisoner, Doctor Who, UFO and The Saint. He has also appeared in ongoing roles in a few series, including Special Branch and The Courtroom. Possibly his best known role was as SS Major von Hapen in Where Eagles Dare .His most recent work includes “ The Hot Potato” in 2011.

You never know which gifted and talented students of New- Bridge may follow in Derren’s footsteps!!!

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